Civil & Forensic Pty Ltd
PO Box 632
(32 Casey Circuit)
Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6332 5400

Civil Services


We provide professional engineering services to the general community.  

These services include:


Structural design of buildings and associated structures


 domestic, commercial, industrial, educational and special structures

 slab and footing design

 retaining walls  

 structural certification  

 building settlement and cracking  

 plans and specifications  


Civil engineering design


 flooding studies  

 site drainage design  

 detention basins  

 road and bridge design


Urban and rural land development


 feasibility studies  

 town planning advice  

 subdivision layout  

 road and drainage design  

 sewer and water supply design  

 augmentation of town services  


Traffic Management


 traffic studies  

 design of Traffic Management Schemes  

 road safety  

 accident analysis


Environmental Impact Assessment