Civil & Forensic Pty Ltd
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(32 Casey Circuit)
Bathurst NSW 2795
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Forensic Services


We specialise in investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle and other accidents, along with the provision of expert reports and testimony based on that work.

Our services range from preliminary assessments to full accident investigation and reconstruction, with expert testimony.

Preliminary Assessment

We assess the feasibility of carrying out a detailed investigation or accident reconstruction. This desk audit makes an examination of all provided information on the incident and an assessment as to the results that may be achieved by detailed investigation. We also identify what additional information may be obtained for fuller assessment. This service provides a realistic appraisal at low cost.

Site Investigation

We are equipped to perform detailed site investigation, using our specialized knowledge in road engineering to determine all the relevant parameters of the accident site and record the physical locations by accurate survey.


We are able to reconstruct the vehicle movements before and during the accident based upon the evidence found at the accident site. This is often, but not necessarily, carried out with the aid of computer modeling techniques. The results of our work can be presented as a Report for issue in Common Law Proceedings or as detailed Briefing Notes for Criminal Proceedings.

Expert Testimony

We are able to follow up our investigations and reconstructions with sound, confident and concise testimony to present our findings. We have substantial court experience, presenting testimony in the various Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.

Other Services

Although Civil & Forensic specialises in Traffic Accident Reconstruction, our expertise is not limited to that area. We are also experienced with public liability accident analysis including slips, falls and trips; diving accidents; road and traffic matters; and pedestrian and bicycle accidents.